5 Adorable Photos Of Erica And Mina The Two Ladies ZionFelix Supposedly impregnated

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  • Photos of the two ladies from whom Zionfelix is rumored to be expecting children.
  • Zionfelix is allegedly excpecting a baby with Erica Amoa and Mina Lawal.

Erica Amoa and Mina Lawal are names most of you are not familiar with, but when it comes to relating Erica to the famous Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix a bundle of us immediately connect the dots.

Erica Amoa, Zionfelix’s Italy-based lover, has confirmed that she is expecting a child for the famous celebrity blogger. The news of Erica’s childbirth, which had been trending for a while now, was confirmed on Friday, September 2, 2021.

After it was discovered that an Instagram account in the name of the newly-born baby boy had been opened, rumors spread that Erica had delivered a baby for Zionfelix.

One of the photos had Erica and Zionfelix dressed in kente cloth while the other had them dressed casually. Meanwhile, Zionfelix’s other girlfriend, Mina Lawal, has confirmed the birth of their first baby as a couple.

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Mina, also known as Minalyn, confirmed the news of her pregnancy on Friday, September 2, 2021. According to media reports, Minalyn gave birth to a baby girl for Zionfelix.

The reports were sparked by the creation of an Instagram account in the baby’s name. While it was only rumored on social media, Minalyn confirmed it by posting photos of her baby bump.

However, this article isn’t going to be a focus on the private affairs of the celebrity blogger but share light on how beautiful and elegant the two ladies Zionfelix allegedly impregnated.

Below are the photos of the two ladies Zionfelix is allegedly expecting babies from.

Mina Lawal

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