5 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Surprise Your Girlfriend with On a Budget

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When it comes to figuring out what couples want concerning Valentine’s Day, sometimes it might be as though they are from two different worlds.

What do you plan to get the girlfriend who has everything? How do you pick a gift that shows that you care without seeming like you want to get married tomorrow? Or, alternatively, how do you choose a gift that shows her that she is your soulmate?

Being a boyfriend isn’t always easy as Valentine’s Day will soon ambush lovers. The time is near. So, if you don’t see it coming, then be ready to face your significant other.

Ultimately, spending time with each other is all that’s needed. But if you get a really good gift with a bidirectional punch for your girlfriend to spruce up your expression of love, it will surely seal your romance for one more year.

It’s always a hard thing for a man when he is trying to put together something lovely for his woman.

Many people will be thinking of a weekend getaway, matching jewellery, luxe bedding, adventurous date night ideas, new home décor, the options are near endless.

Yes, we’ve decided to pull back the curtain and give you a few suggestions.

Find below the 5 things you can gift your woman this Valentine on a cool budget:

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A customised jewellery

Giving a personalized gift this Valentine’s Day is a great way to express your feelings. Personalized gifts can feature your beloved’s name, your initials as a couple or a heartfelt message.

Presenting a piece of jewellery with her name or initials can stay with her forever, and trust that you don’t need thousands of cedis to get her hooked. It’s always about the sincerity in the gift and your presentation.

Get her a chocolate treasure box with wine

So, this is what heaven will look like with all the chocolate confections, popcorn, mints, truffles, snickers and more are presented in a beautiful basket with a note that reads, ‘I LOVE YOU’.

The best part is that this indulgent box comes with a bottle of wine too. It really is a match made in heaven, and it’s an exciting new twist on the typical chocolate gift for Valentine’s Day!

Pay for her subscriptions

It’s not every time you get to be sweet to your lover so when that moment presents itself, try to be kind enough to express it the way she needs it most.

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Another way a man can express his love will be to ease their partner’s burden. Taking care of a month’s rent, utility bills, Netflix subscription, DSTV subscription among others with a lovely note that voices what your lips wouldn’t usually spit out or affirm what your lips have always said can make those butterflies in her belly move in directions.

Take her to the salon

Women love to be pampered, most especially by the people they love. The idea of going to the salon with their lovers seated in the space they are in, patiently waiting for them can calm storms yet to tumble in the future.

Just that simple gesture gets them sold because some men are naturally impatient people and women like to be appreciated with simple but thoughtful gestures.

Go on a spa date

There’s something about the peace and tranquillity of spas that get couples flocking to them for romantic weekends.

The bonus of spending the day in each other’s company while relaxing their mind and body is something not many can resist.

If you got to the end of this chapter, then you are ready to decide what you are picking for your lover this Valentine’s Day.

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