6 Reasons Why You are Still single


Whiles, it’s not a crime to be single, most people find it difficult to go into a relationship for so many reasons.
Aside from deciding to be a celibate, a roman sister or Catholic Rev. Father, or wait to achieve all academic heights, we have outlined some six concrete reasons why some people after 30 are still single though they craving for relationships.
we have done a small survey to find out why both men and women are still single at 30.

1. Over selective.

Most folks become over selective of who to go out with. Some men will want to have a woman that is beautiful, fair colored, tall, with big boobs and butts, etc. Some women also prefer a slim, tall, masculine, dandified young man.
There is no perfect match anywhere. Appearances can be deceptive and subject to change. Renovate your selective mentality.

2. Translating your past experience into the future.

Undoubtedly some past relationship brings back bad and terrible memories to us, leaving us to propagate these fears into our future relationship. Some feel they will experience the same tragic moments in the previous relationship in the next, hence they will love to remain single and have peace of mind.

3. Uncertain if your relationship will work

We all do have high expectations to see our relationship with our loved ones end in marriage. But somewhere along the way, things fall apart and it all ends. Some people become pessimistic about their relationship knowing it won’t lead them anywhere.

4. You do not know what you want.

Sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to identify what you truly want. Some young folks find it difficult to come in terms of what they want in a relationship. Being clueless is what makes some folks remain single.

5. Lack of confidence

A lack of confidence in yourself can reflect on how you present yourself (posture, thoughts, behaviors, everything), says lifehack.org.
To meet new people, you need to exude confidence in your own-self. Do not let physical appearance deter you from getting what you want. If you do not like your weight, start a gym class, Run, lift weights to get that muscle. But all in all, love yourself first.

6. Your actions don’t mirror your words.

If you think about meeting someone special but never make a move to meet that special person then you have no reason to wonder why you are still single.
Your future partner will not magically appear in front of you. You need to make the move.

Content Writer: Reindolf Botchway(0267076738)

Source: News Desk Ghana

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