6 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your friends About Your Relationship

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We all do love to have someone we can tell our dilemmas to. Our relationships do have so many problems and we would like to express our feelings to people close to us.

It is good to lean on a third party for support in times of bad times in a relationship, but News Desk Ghana has reasons to tell you why you shouldn’t tell your friends everything.

1. Don’t tell your friends about your problems

When our relationship with our partners gets worsen or bedeviled with fight, distrust, cheating or unrest, you shouldn’t ever sit down to discuss this with your friends. What goes on in the home can better be resolved by you two. Talk to each other about your challenges. When the problem is beyond you, seek the service of a professional counselor, or religious leaders.

2. Let your sex life remain in the bedroom

The sex might be good or might be bad. But what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Do not describe your bedroom activities to your friends. Both good news from the bedroom told to your friends can either go a long way to hurt your relationship. If he is good in bed let that be your good secret. If he is a one minute man, help him through it by visiting a professional doctor.

3. Don’t wash your dirty laundry in public

Show respect to your man or woman in front of your friends. If you have any problems do not show it in their presence. As the saying goes ‘Don’t wash your dirty laundry in public’. If you want your relationship to be a respectable and enviable one, first show respect to your man or woman.

4. Things he told you are confidential

What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas. Keep his secrets with confidentiality. Don’t give him/her reasons to distrust you.

5. That awful present he bought for you

Gifts are precious presents giving from the heart to another. Sometimes gifts given to you by your man can be below expectations. Do not badmouth him to your friends. They will use this against you and your man. Even if the gift is not your taste, tell your friends that he was so sweet to be thinking of you.

6. Financial issues at home

Do not table your man’s financial status for discussion, Even when your friends are discussing what thier husbands earns. Many people are very sensitive and insecure about issues that make them look weak, especially when it comes to the Benjamins. So it’s best not to cross the line.

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