7 Natural Ways Men Can Keep a Strong Erection

7 Natural Ways Men Can Keep a Strong Erection
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Keeping a strong erection is surely a topic that is essential to practically every man out there, especially because more than half of the male population will experience some type of erectile dysfunction or poor erections at some point in their lives. However, many men are unaware that a few simple tips can greatly improve their erection performance (and are also beneficial to a man’s overall health). Here are eight ways a man may rule his territory by putting weak erections in the rearview mirror.

Strong Erection Tip #1: Quit Smoking

Smoking is an automatic erection eroder. Smoking dehydrates and shrinks blood vessels in the body, including those that go and are in a man’s penis. When blood vessels aren’t oxygenated and healthy, blood can’t forcefully surge to bring about an erection, so if a man wants to do something good for his (whole) body, quitting smoking is at the top of the list.

Strong Erection Tip #2: Reduce Excessive Belly Fat

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Noticing a little too much around the middle lately? Too much belly fat can throw a man’s hormones into chaos. Those love handles are converting testosterone into estrogen, which is the anti-boner hormone. Getting and staying at a healthy weight is crucial to keep testosterone levels even. Testosterone is critical because it kicks off the whole erection process, so keeping it healthy makes the libido healthy as well.

Strong Erection Tip #3: Hit the Gym Frequently

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Remember all that talk about blood vessels in #1? Well, blood vessels need frequent surges of intense oxygenation to keep them bouncy and flexible, and one of the best ways to do it is by keeping a daily (or as close as possible) date to exercise and get the blood pumping. Bonus: This tip also helps a man get and keep his stamina up for a nice, long sex sesh!

Strong Erection Tip #4: Limit the Intake of Alcoho

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Too much of the sauce can lead to limp love life. Alcohol can have a depressive effect on the body, limiting libido and sensitivity. Doctors recommend keeping it to two or fewer drinks per day.

Strong Erection Tip #5: Engage in Stress Relief Exercise

Everyone knows that too much bad stress can take a toll on a person physically and mentally. It can also make getting wood difficult because it upsets a man’s nervous system, which is part of the pop-up process. Find a way to Zen out, such as meditating, talking, working in the garden, or even just breathing.

Strong Erection Tip #6: Other Health Conditions can be a Factor

Several underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension, are associated with erectile dysfunction. It’s tempting to just pop a little blue pill, but that may not work in the present or the long run. Be sure to address medical issues first; most times, it will clear up the erection issue as a result.

Strong Erection Tips #7: Give it a Rest

Sometimes men get weak or nonexistent erections because they are giving the big guy too much attention, creating desensitization. If this is the case, give your penis some time off for good behaviour.

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