7 Things You Need To Know About Female Infertility And Its Causes

Female Infertility
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Most woman dreams of being a mother, of experiencing those 9 months of pregnancy and weaving dreams for the baby every day. In addition, becoming a mother is regarded as the greatest joy in a woman’s life. This dream, however, is shattered by infertility. This terrible problem affects not only one or two women, but a large portion of female society. As a result, being a mother’s dream is getting increasingly challenging. Infertility has no one cause, although it is believed that an illness associated with women’s menstrual cycles and experiencing discomfort during sex may be a cause of infertility.

For a couple, it is the greatest happiness of the world that they should have a happy family. But many couples are bereaved from this happiness due to infertility. Infertility can be defined as a problem of not having children. Also, it refers to a condition in which a woman is unable to conceive. It may occur in both men and women but the problem of not having children is often considered to be female infertility. Substantially, infertility in men may be the reason for not being pregnant.

Female infertility can be understood as incompetence to conceive or a problem where a woman is unable to get pregnant even after a year or more years of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. This problem may occur in two situations. First, it may happen post-marriage and secondly, some women may find difficulty in conceiving a second time after having a child. So, in this way, it can be said that infertility may be of two types. In this article, we are going to find out the causes behind female infertility.

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You may get rid of this serious issue quickly by knowing the initial causes of female infertility. It is believed that the sooner the treatment, the greater the relief. But, first, you have to identify the causes listed below.

1. Periods Problem: When a woman has irregular periods, painful periods and absence of periods or no periods then she may have a female infertility problem. Some women do not have periods of time while others feel a lot of pain during periods. Both situations may indicate the risk of infertility.

2. Bleeding from Uterus: Other than periods, lite bleeding from the uterus may also be a cause of sterility. This kind of bleeding is known as fibroid which is a type of tumour and is caused by too much tissue formation in muscles. A woman may conceive even suffering from this problem but the possibility of miscarriage due to this tumour may increase. In most cases, it is handled through surgery.

3. Pain during Sex: There should be no pain during sex but if a woman feels pain during sexual intercourse then it’s a matter of thinking. In this situation, consult with a specialist immediately and do not avoid it else this may result in endometriosis.

4. Depression or Insomnia: You may feel symptoms of insomnia during periods cycle in endometriosis and along with this it is also feasible that you have to go through depression. Analyze these symptoms and find out if it is related to sterility, if yes then you may see your doctor immediately.

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5. Sex Hormone Disorder: When the testosterone level increases in the body, it may result in hair growth on the face too especially on the upper lips, chin, chest and abdomen area. In this, the problem of hair thinning on the head can also be seen. Keep in mind that all these symptoms are caused because of a sex hormone disorder i.e. testosterone.

6. Overweight: None a woman can see herself getting overweight but an imbalance in weight may come due to many reasons. Nevertheless, after a change in food intake and doing regular exercise, if the weight in not decrease then it can be female sterility.

7. Loss of Sex Desire: Sterility is not directly linked to the lack of mind during sex but there is a connection of both. Loss of sex desire, depression, depression causes stress, getting pain during sex because of endometriosis, If all these happen then these may cause female infertility.

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