Actress Etty Bedi Apologizes For Poking Her Nose In The ‘Love Affair’ Of Colleague Christabel Amoabing

Yolo actresses Etty Bedi and Christabel Amoabin

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Ghanaian actress and model Etty Bedi has apologized to her colleague, Christabel Amoabing after she recently slammed her for disturbing the peace of her followers with her failed love life.

It all started when Etty Bedi, out of nowhere, took to her Instagram account recently to throw a slight dig at Christabel Amoabing indirectly.

Soon after Etty’s video, Christable caught wind of Etty’s comment and also went live on Instagram to lambast Etty for coming after her and warned her to back off.

Famous info-educative series, Yolo actresses Etty Bedi and Christabel Amoabin

After the back and forth posts between the two on social media, Etty has taken to her Twitter account to issue an apology to Christabel for poking her nose in her love affairs.

According to Etty Bedi, she has received many calls, countless DMs, and comments concerning her issue with Christabel Amoabing, which forced her hands to address the issue once and for all.

“I’m tired of this Shi* mehn The calls, dm, comments, I just wanna live in peace so I’m sorry to everyone here n the lady’s business I interfered I was wrong to do that n I don’t have the energy to drag this cos it might get dirty,” she tweeted.

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“with all the stuff u do behind scenes.. hmmm looks really are deceptive but let’s cut it. It’s not the place to wash our dirty clothes. Let’s respect ourselves,” she added.

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