Akosombo Under Quarantine As Proper Measures Are Being Taken To Prevent COVID-19

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Ghana and the global world have been under a huge attack as this deadly virus was discovered. 

China 81,439, Italy 97,689, United States of America 142,004 and Spain 80,110 have been recorded as top countries which have really suffered from this terrible virus hence the list of other countries follows.

As of 29th March 2020, Ghana has recorded 152 cases. Many measures have been taking and still are taken to reduce the spread and, in the end, we are all hoping that scientists will find a cure to this illness that has everyone on their toes.

For these reasons and the safety of Ghanaians, the President made an announced-on 27th March 2020 they will be a heavy lockdown on 30th March 2020 and will affect major cities like Accra, Kumasi, and Tema.

However, Akosombo has also engaged in this lockdown exercise to help reduce the spread and thanks to Volta River Authority (V.R.A) who are doing all they can to help the locals (people in Akosombo) prevent coronavirus.

Although Akosombo isn’t one of the cities mentions and no city in the Eastern region has by far reported any case of COVID-19 it is still important to put prevention

Akosombo market has been closed down and undergoing fumigation exercise to eradicate any infections and running pipe water has been deployed around major checkpoints.

Volta River Authority (V.R.A) together with Akosombo Police, has issued a warning to the people of “Damcity” (Akosombo) to desist from social gathering as all churches and schools are temporarily closed.

These measures that have been put in place to me us a member of Akosombo township will go a long way to help keep everyone safe. On behave of all locals in Akosombo, we say a big thanks to V.R.A and Akosombo Police.

Kudos to a great job done and we believe every necessary measure for our safety will be implemented as your main focus.

The little advice to the general public and anyone reading this article is to stay at home unless the reason for going out is necessary.

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