Anti Gays Refuse To Use Their Heads To Think And Have Empathy For LGBTQ Group – Sister Derby

Photo Of Sister Derby
Photo Of Sister Derby

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Singer Sister Derby is still doing a debate on Twitter on the subject of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. (LGBTQ) legalization in Ghana.

Taking to her twitter account again, she has made an explosive statement saying those against gay people do not use their heads, and has no empathy for LGBTQ’s.

According to her, those who are opposing LGBTQ group lacks the understanding that they are born to be gays.

To her, LGBTQ’s are no fools to change and stop being gay if they could despite all the hate and trauma most Ghanaians are taking them through.

She said they will stop practising same sex if they could easily stop being gay.

She tweeted “Most anti-gay refuse to use their brains to think and/or have no empathy at all. Why would someone not change if they could with all these attacks going on. They are born this way. There are diff types of humans. Periodt!”

Source: ghgossip

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