Blakk Rasta Unleashes Fiery Critique On Sarah Adwoa Safo’s Political Actions

Blakk Rasta, a Ghanaian multimedia celebrity


In recent times, the spotlight has been on Sarah Adwoa Safo, the legislator and former minister for Gender, Children, and Social Protection in Ghana. Her actions have drawn significant attention and criticism, and one of the most vocal critics is Blakk Rasta.

The controversy surrounding Adwoa Safo began when she took a 9-month-long absence from her parliamentary and government duties without leave. This prolonged absence led to her dismissal from her position as the gender minister and sparked calls for her removal as a Member of Parliament.

Upon her return to the country, Sarah Adwoa Safo expressed her desire to run for parliament once more. She also extended an apology to the NPP and her constituents for her previous behavior. However, Blakk Rasta remains unimpressed by this apology.

During a recent episode of his show on Accra-based 3FM, Blakk Rasta did not mince words when describing Adwoa Safo. He referred to her as a “shameless politrickian” who had insulted the nation and its people without offering any apologies. According to him, her sudden apology appears to be motivated solely by the upcoming elections, casting doubt on its sincerity.

“Adwoa Safo is one of the most shameless politrickians you can think of in this country. When she was actively insulting our nation and its citizens, she did so with arrogance and without any willingness to apologize. Now, with elections on the horizon, they are knocking on people’s doors,” he remarked.

In the midst of political debates and the quest for re-election, Blakk Rasta’s critique underscores the importance of accountability and sincerity in the political arena, leaving many to ponder the true motivations behind such actions.


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