Body Cam Footage Released In Fatal Police Shooting Of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo

Shooting Of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo
Shooting Of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo

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Chicago police have released body camera video showing what led to the shooting death of Adam Toledo a 13-year-old boy who was killed by an officer after a chase last month.

Police had been called to the area responding to reports of gunfire and saw two people in an alley and started to chase them, The New York Times reported.

The sounds of gunshots had been picked up by Chicago’s gunfire detection technology, CNN reported.

Adam Toledo was shot and killed by officer Eric Stillman, Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability said.

The video shows Stillman running after Toledo down a darkened alley, yelling for the teen to “Stop right now!” and directing Toledo to drop a gun he had been carrying, The New York Times reported.

Stillman can be heard yelling, “Hands. Show me your hands. Drop it. Drop it,” the newspaper reported.

The teen’s hand disappeared behind a fence, then he raised his hands, CNN reported.

A shot is fired and the teen collapsed in the video.

The gun police said Toledo was holding was found near the fence.

“At the time Adam was shot, he did not have a gun. OK?” Toledo’s family attorney Adeena Weiss-Ortiz, said, according to CNN. “In that slo-mo version (one of the videos), whatever he had in his, in his hand, whether it was a gun or something else, there was something in his hand, he approaches the fence, he lets it go, he turns around, and he’s shot.”

From the moment his hand went behind the fence to the time Toledo raised his hands is eight-tenths of a second, CNN reported.

Weiss-Ortiz said that it doesn’t matter if he had a gun previously because at the moment Toledo was shot, he did not have a gun in his hands, CNN reported.

But the union lawyer representing Stillman said the officer had no choice.

“The juvenile had a handgun in his right hand, given verbal direction, told to drop and stop and to adhere to the police officer’s valid, lawful orders and the juvenile begins to turn,” Timothy Grace said, according to CNN. “At that point (the officer) has no cover, no concealment, he’s left with no other option.”

Stillman called for an ambulance and began CPR after the shooting, The New York Times reported.

Before the shooting, video showed Toledo walking with Ruben Roman, 21, in the city’s West Side around 2:30 a.m. Roman was seen holding what appeared to be a gun and firing several shots at something.

Toledo’s mother said she didn’t know that her son was not home the night of the shooting. She thought he was in his room, but said that her son had been missing for several days before but had since come home, the Times reported.

Toledo’s had tested positive for gunpowder residue and a handgun was found near the fence where he was shot, CNN reported.

Roman has been charged with felony reckless discharge, unlawful use of a weapon, child endangerment, and was held on a $150,000 bond, the Times reported.
Body Cam Footage Released In Fatal Police Shooting Of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo


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