Cecilia Dapaah’s Case: Unveiling Four More Properties n Ongoing Investigation, Seven Suspects Face Fresh Charges

Former Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Madam Cecilia Abena Dapaah
Former Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Madam Cecilia Abena Dapaah


In a riveting turn of events, police investigators have unearthed four additional properties that were allegedly acquired using misappropriated funds from the Abelemkpe residence of former Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Madam Cecilia Abena Dapaah. These revelations shed new light on the ongoing investigation, while also exposing the extent of the alleged embezzlement.

The investigation, which has gripped the nation’s attention, has led to the discovery of these newly identified properties, alongside the shocking revelation of two high-end Honda cars (Acura), valued at an astonishing GHc600,000 Ghana Cedis. These developments underscore the magnitude of the alleged financial misconduct and fraudulent activities.

The latest findings are an augmentation of the existing properties that had already come under scrutiny. These residences, along with other assets, were purportedly acquired through illicit means and are believed to be connected to the ongoing investigation. The trail leads from Amrahian to other locales in Tamale, painting a complex picture of a web of alleged financial improprieties.

In a significant turn of events, an amended charged sheet was presented on August 8, 2023, replacing the previous one from July. This revised filing brings forth new charges against seven accused individuals, each facing a series of allegations that underscore the severity of their alleged actions.

Patience Botwe, an 18-year-old hairdresser, Sarah Agyei, a 30-year-old unemployed individual, Benjamin Sowah, a 29-year-old plumber, Malik Dauda, a 34-year-old unemployed individual, Christiana Achab, a trader, Job Pomary, a mechanic, and Yahaya Sumaila, an excavator operator, have all been slapped with a total of 14 charges.

The charges brought against these individuals encompass a wide range of offenses, including conspiracy, stealing, and dishonestly receiving. These allegations are grounded in the belief that they collectively embezzled substantial sums of money, including $1 million dollars, £300,000 euros, and various other assets, including Kente textiles.

In a gesture that reflects the delicate balance of justice and compassion, nursing mothers Sarah Agyei and Christiana Achab have each been granted bail amounting to one million cedis, subject to justification by three sureties. These sureties are also required to deposit their Ghana Cards with the court’s registrar and remain within the jurisdiction, ensuring their accountability.

Meanwhile, the other accused individuals – Patience Botwe, Benjamin Sowah, Malik Dauda, Job Pomary, and Yahaya Sumaila – have been remanded into lawful custody as the investigation continues to unfold. The Prosecution, led by DSP Emmanuel Nyamekye, has advocated for this remand to facilitate comprehensive investigations.

In response, the defense lawyers for the accused have vehemently asserted the innocence of their respective clients. They maintain that the accused individuals should be considered innocent until proven guilty, a fundamental principle of justice.

The court has been informed by the Prosecution that the Attorney General’s office will assume control of the case docket once the exhaustive investigations reach their conclusion. This step underscores the gravity of the allegations and the commitment to pursuing a fair and just resolution.

The legal proceedings have unveiled intriguing personal ties among the accused. Patience Botwe’s father, Kweku Botwe, was initially among the five individuals arraigned. However, he was subsequently discharged following the advice of the Attorney General’s Office, further adding layers of complexity to the unfolding narrative.

The prosecution’s case centers on the complainants, Daniel Osei Kufour and his wife Cecilia Abena Dapaah, who reside in Abelemkpe, Accra. The accused individuals, including house helps and acquaintances, have been implicated in a series of thefts and misappropriations.

The prosecution alleges that Patience Botwe, an ex-house help, conspired with others to steal substantial amounts of money and assets from the complainants. The investigation has revealed a trail of financial transactions, leading to the acquisition of properties, vehicles, and other valuables.

Sarah Agyei, an unemployed former house help, Benjamin Sowah, Patience Botwe’s boyfriend, Malik Dauda, her former boyfriend, Christiana Achab, a trader, Job Pomary, Christiana’s husband, and Yahaya Sumaila, an excavator operator, have all been implicated in this intricate web of alleged wrongdoing.

The initial complaint was lodged in June 2023 by the complainants, who reported the theft of cash and personal effects from their residence. This prompted a thorough investigation by the police, leading to a series of arrests and discoveries.

The investigation uncovered significant evidence, including a stash of stolen cash amounting to $40,000 USD and GH¢72,619.70. Further probing revealed details of how the thefts were orchestrated, involving duplicate keys and hidden activities within the complainants’ premises.

The accused individuals allegedly used the stolen funds to acquire various assets, including real estate and vehicles. A1 purportedly funded the purchase of a three-bedroom house, along with a range of household items. A2, A3, and others were implicated in similar schemes, with funds allegedly used to construct properties and acquire vehicles.

The investigation has exposed a complex network of interactions among the accused, with some accused individuals allegedly financing others’ acquisitions. The intertwining relationships paint a vivid picture of a conspiracy to misappropriate funds and assets.

As the legal proceedings continue, the intricate web of alleged criminal activities gradually comes to light. With further investigations underway and the Attorney General’s Office poised to assume control, the case promises to be a defining moment in the pursuit of justice.

The unfolding case of Cecilia Dapaah and the accused individuals sheds light on a complex tale of alleged embezzlement, conspiracy, and illicit acquisitions. The investigation’s revelations continue to captivate the nation’s attention, highlighting the importance of a robust justice system in addressing financial misconduct and holding individuals accountable for their actions. As the legal process advances, the truth behind these allegations will emerge, contributing to a clearer understanding of the events that have transpired.

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