Communication in marriage is never overrated – Rev. Bernie Duah

Couples have been advised to prioritize communication

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  • Rev. Bernie Duah believes that communication in marriage is never overrated.

Human Resource performance consultant, Reverend Bernie Duah, has advised couples to prioritize communication in their marriages as it is one of the key factors that help sustain a marriage and fix unhappy marriages.

He observed that many times, people say communication is over-emphasized or overrated but the truth is that couples need to dialogue their expectations. He said this during an interview with Nana Yaw Odame on eTV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge show.

“There are people who in relationships, think that their spouses are mind-readers or trained in sign language so they will show you a sign and expect you to decode those signs. I did not go to State School of the Deaf and I have no knowledge on how to decode the signs you’re showing me”, he said.

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According to him, it is possible for a couple to communicate with signals but first, they need to grow in communication to a level so that these signals can now be decodable.

Rev. Bernie urged that “Dialoguing is very important. Train your partner to understand your expectations of them, let them understand what you look out for. If you say that affection is dying, what is your interpretation of emotionality do you need me to do? Let me know”.

He went on to make clear that men do not need love but rather, want respect. He noted that there is no scripture in the Bible that says a woman must love a man because love is not what men need. “Buy a bouquet of flowers and chocolates to a man but it will mean nothing. What speaks to a man is different and there are women who are also not impressed by flowers”.

By this, Rev. Bernie Duah advised that communication or dialoguing is not overrated but important because it allows couples to know what works for each other.


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