Deportee Exposes Shatta Wale Claims He’s A ‘Fake Rich Guy’ Who Begs Alot

Shatta Wale, artist manager Deportee
Shatta Wale, artist manager Deportee

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After responding to Shatta Wale for calling him out, artist manager Deportee exposed him as a “fake-wealthy guy” who begs more than anybody else and how avaricious he is.

In an interview, Deportee exposed how conceited Shatta Wale is for abandoning him and his other companions in custody after obtaining bail for himself. In response, Shatta Wale attacked Deportee for professing loyalty when he has always been a snitch.

In response to Shatta Wale’s post, Deportee exposed him as a rap artist who claims to be wealthy but begs more than anything. He also claimed that Shatta Wale suffers from depression and would hang himself one day because no one would be there to support him.

Deportee then counselled Shatta Wale to alter his behaviour, but as we all know, he has already stated that he will never modify his character or attitude for anyone and will instead act in line with who he is.

Below is a screenshot;


Ghanaian musician, Francine Kouffie who is known in the music scene as Fantana has said that getting married and having children is too much work for her.

Fantana has disclosed that she doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage hence will be difficult for her to settle down with a man and have children.

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According to the songstress, she does not trust any man enough to dedicate her life to hence tattooed “trust no one” across her chest to serve as a reminder to her always. In an interview with blogger Zion Felix, Fantana disclosed that she doesn’t have plans of marrying and having kids.

“I don’t trust anyone because men are wicked (laughs). I haven’t personally experienced it, but my friends have. I won’t even allow it. That is why I have tattooed on my chest ‘trust no one.”

“I always have it at the back of my mind that it will end in tears. I don’t go all out, but maybe the right person will come along and I will trust someone.

“I don’t believe in marriage, but maybe one day I will. I don’t want kids either, but maybe I am still young, so as I grow, my mind will change, but for now, no,” she affirmed.

“I can take care of people’s kids, but I will go drop them off at 9. I don’t know, but just too much responsibility. Pregnancy is a lot of work. Maybe I will just have one,” she said.


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