Diamond Appiah Re-Arrested Following AG’s Charge Dismissal

Prominent businesswoman, Diamond Appiah
Prominent businesswoman, Diamond Appiah


Prominent businesswoman, Diamond Appiah, found herself back in custody shortly after the Circuit Court in Accra cleared her of allegations related to a questionable land transaction.

The Attorney’s Office, represented by Chief State Attorney Mrs. Evelyn Keelson, decided to drop the charges against Appiah. However, her newfound freedom was short-lived, as law enforcement officials took her into custody just moments after her courtroom release.

Earlier this year, on January 17, Diamond Appiah was apprehended and formally charged in connection to an alleged fraudulent land deal, which purportedly involved an exchange of $30,000.

Appiah, who reportedly sold a land parcel in East Legon Hills to Ayisha Modi for $30,000, pleaded not guilty to the charges and was subsequently granted bail amounting to GHc300,000.

However, on Monday, August 21, 2023, during court proceedings, Prosecutor DSP Evans Kesse shared that the case docket was forwarded to the Attorney General’s office for guidance. This ultimately led to a motion being submitted to withdraw the case.

DSP Kesse clarified that the case “shall not continue” as per the motion filed by Chief State Attorney Mrs. Evelyn Keelson.

In response, the defense counsel highlighted that there was insufficient evidence against Appiah and emphasized that justice should prevail over legal maneuvering.

Pointing out the intended purpose of the law as serving justice, the defense argued that the actions against their client were baseless.

Presiding over the case, His Honour Mr. Isaac Addo acknowledged the submission of the motion by a Chief State Attorney. The court recognized that when such a motion is filed, the accused party has the right to be discharged from the charges.

However, what remained puzzling was the abrupt re-arrest of a jubilant Diamond Appiah immediately after her discharge. Ayisha Modi, the complainant in the matter, was present in the courtroom when this unexpected development took place.


According to the account provided to the court by Prosecutor DSP Evans Kesse, Complainant Ayisha Modi is a businesswoman residing in Adjiringanor, Accra.

The accused, Diamond Appiah, is also a businesswoman and is based in East Legon.

DSP Kesse elaborated that in 2020, the complainant was exploring the purchase of a plot of land for construction purposes. During discussions with witness Johnson, the accused intervened, asserting that she had an available plot of land in East Legon Hills that she could offer at a reduced rate.

Allegedly, the accused acquired a sum of $30,000 from the complainant under the pretense of selling her a parcel of land in East Legon Hills. Subsequently, when the complainant visited the site, she encountered Gustav, who claimed ownership of the land.

Efforts to retrieve her funds from the accused proved futile, prompting the complainant to involve the police and leading to Appiah’s initial arrest.

Investigations unveiled that the accused did not possess any land at the specified location prior to defrauding the complainant. The accused admitted to the offense during the investigation. This culminated in her being formally charged and brought before the honorable court.

In a surprising twist of events, the case took an unexpected turn with Appiah’s re-arrest, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the conclusion of this legal saga.

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