Exploring The Phenomenal Football Journey Of Dede Ayew

André Morgan Rami Ayew, renowned both internationally and in Ghana by the moniker Dede Ayew
André Morgan Rami Ayew, renowned both internationally and in Ghana by the moniker Dede Ayew


André Morgan Rami Ayew, renowned both internationally and in Ghana by the moniker Dede Ayew, emerges as a consummate football artisan, gracing the position of a winger for the esteemed Qatar Stars League enclave, Al Sadd, while simultaneously assuming the mantle of leadership for the national football contingent of Ghana. Ayew’s illustrious association with Ghana commenced in the year 2008, a tenure marked by his donning of the national jersey on more than a hundred occasions. In his formative years, he shone brilliantly as he guided and marshalled the under-20 squad to victory in the 2009 African Youth Championship, in addition to expertly steering them to triumph in the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup.


The incumbent skipper of the Ghanaian squad entered this world on the 17th of December in the year 1989. Presently, Dede Ayew stands at the age of 33, an enduring participant in the ranks of the national team, consistently contributing his prowess to the field of play.

Personal Life

Dede Ayew was born in Seclin, a commune in the arrondissement of Lille, to Ghanaian parents. His grandfather from his mother Maha’s side, Alhaji A.A. Khadir, is Lebanese. Ayew comes from a family of footballers. His father, Abedi Pele, was a professional footballer and was playing for Lille at the time of his birth. He is the nephew of Kwame Ayew and Sola Ayew, both of whom are former international footballers. Dede Ayew also has two brothers who are professional footballers; Ibrahim and Jordan Ayew, and a sister, Imani. Jordan currently plays for Crystal Palace and Ibrahim currently plays for Europa in Gibraltar.


Maha Ayew graces the role of the maternal figure in Dede Ayew’s life, and her connection to Ghana’s football legacy runs even deeper, as she once shared her life’s journey with the esteemed Ghanaian football luminary and former captain, Abedi Pele. Notably, Maha Ayew’s origins trace back to Lebanon, adding a diverse and also international dimension to her identity.


The captain of the Black Star team holds a steadfast faith in Islam. Nevertheless, he has united in matrimony with Yvonne Ayew, their union graced by the presence of two cherished daughters.


Dede Ayew is known for frequently flaunting his fancy cars on social media. According to numerous articles, he also owns a few mansions in Ghana. He also has mansions in all nations where he has played football, including France, England, Wales, Turkey, and now Qatar.


Dede Ayew embarked on his professional journey by gracing the ranks of Nania within the Ghanaian football landscape, a path he began treading at the tender age of 14. His meteoric rise led him to the illustrious stage of Marseille, where he inked a contract in 2005. Nestled within the club’s youth academy, he honed his skills for two seasons before emerging onto the grand theatre of professional football during the 2007-08 campaign. Subsequently, the ensuing chapters of his narrative saw him venturing on loan expeditions, first to Lorient, and then to Arles-Avignon, where his contributions were instrumental in steering the latter team towards their maiden elevation to Ligue 1.

A triumphant return to Marseille in 2010 marked Ayew’s swift integration into the nucleus of the first-team roster, earning a coveted status under the tutelage of manager Didier Deschamps. His impactful presence adorned over 200 appearances for the club, a period highlighted by consecutive victories in the Coupe de la Ligue and the Trophée des Champions in 2010 and 2011, respectively. The canvas of his international endeavour commenced in 2008 as he donned the national colours of Ghana, amassing an impressive tally of over 100 caps. Notably, his leadership prowess came to the fore as he both played a pivotal role and assumed the mantle of captaincy for the under-20 contingent, orchestrating their triumph in the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup, and further embellishing their laurels with victory in the 2009 African Youth Championship


Current Team

Dede Ayew currently plays his club-level football for the Qatar Stars League club Al Sadd SC. Ayew joined Al Sadd SC on a free transfer on 21 July 2021. Ayew also joined the club 39 years after his father Abedi Pele also signed and played for them in 1983.

Transfer News/Weekly Salary

Ayew has signed a two years contract for Qatar Stars League club Al Sadd SC with a salary earns around $220,000 a month.

Goals For Ghana

Dede Ayew has appeared 109 times and has also assisted the Black Stars in achieving some significant wins internationally. Ayew has scored 23 goals all in his National football career.

Net Worth

Andre Ayew’s financial portfolio boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $15 million, positioning him among the opulent elite of Ghana’s football realm. His stature as one of the nation’s most affluent football luminaries is resoundingly affirmed. Notably, his entry into the ranks of Al Sadd marked a historic juncture, propelling him to the echelons of the highest-paid African football icons. His monthly remuneration of around $200,000 stands as a testament to his remarkable acclaim and also influence within the sporting cosmos.


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