Facts Which Shows You Are Being Controlled In A Relationship

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Being controlled (manipulation) in a relationship is now common in relationships of today. In most cases, people skip these signs because you might be right when you say you can never be with a controlling partner but then you might not even know if your partner is manipulative.

Some of these behaviors have been with people like that for very long and most of them are good at covering up.  

Note that being controlled or manipulated in relationships are not always the result of your partner having bad intentions. Some of these Facts are most at times upright and harmless and the person who is doing the controlling night not even know about it. 

This can be the other way round as in some few cases of partners who are controlling can be very aware of their action, and assume it benign, however, a controlling spouse is toxic and dangerous to be in a relationship with.

Before you get all serious taking your relationship to the next level you should be wary of any type of manipulation in the relationship. Although it may sometimes be harmless, manipulation can soon turn into a toxic pattern if it continues forever.

Below are a few common signs of manipulation in a relationship:

1. Isolation

This is the most dangerous kind of manipulation; a controlling partner will always try to isolate you from your loved once. A real loving partner must be ready to accept everything about you including, accepting your friends and family.

If your partner always isolate, you from people you love you should try to handle it properly and speak about it with your partner or advise yourself that this relationship isn’t just for you.

2. The Trick Question

One of the very commonplace manipulations that people use is set up a trick for their partner. It could be as simple as a word trick or a question that if it’s not answered properly can be used again you. 

Some even go to the extreme intricate as getting a friend to seduce their partner and the outcome of your reaction should depend on their intentions and reasons behind the manipulation. 

Tempting your partner in such a way is wrong and no one deserves that.

3. Being Silent About Issues at Hand

Being in a relationship is not always fun at it seems and sometimes problems arise, instead of speaking about the issue at hand to find a proper solution to it, some choose to give their partner attitude and silent treatment. 

The thing is being silent when they are problems in your relationship is not always that bad because people try to think and claim their nerves so they can look at the best ways in which to address issues, but in most cases some uses situation like this to control and punish their partners which aren’t cool in any way

If your partner keeps using this against you till you find a way to make amends even if you aren’t wrong, then you need to know you are being controlled and you have to find a way to address it.

4. Checking Your Messages

Another type of controlling method people use often is they will constantly check your messages behind your back or in front of you.

 If your partner keeps checking your phone always, they are no trust and he/she is invasion your privacy. Some are so good in this to the extent of making you believe these behaviors of theirs is right. They will say things like,” If you don’t have anything to hide, why do you care if they go through your phone?”

This mostly happens when they are trust issues and in other cases, the partner doing the manipulation is just insecure and has trust issues due to previous experience.

5. Using Intimate Affections to Get What They Want

This is mostly found in relationships and women most at times using are these types of manipulation to get what they want, although in a few situations some men also do this.

They withhold sex from their partner because they are not getting what they want. Sometimes, they withhold sex to punish a partner for doing something they didn’t like it. 

They are so many scenarios, for example, is “Didn’t get me what I wanted on my birthday? Well, don’t come close to me tonight.” Using sex to control your partner is the worse thing to do because it can result in so many things that can ruin your relationship. 

It’s understandable if they are upset with you about something and they need time to process and let go before they can feel comfortable enough to have sex. 

But it becomes a problem when they are withholding sex purposely to punish you or to get you to do what they ask. 

To figure out if this is manipulation or your partner is genuinely upset with you, you need to put on a little empathy hat and try to see how you would react if you were in their situation. 

Did you lie to them about something big and they feel that they can’t trust you right now? 

If so, it’s understandable that they don’t want sex right now because they don’t trust you. Give them some time and listen to them. Try to make amends on whatever happened and come to a solution together.

Is your partner upset because you didn’t get them what they wanted on their birthday?

then, there’s a clear chance they just want you for money and are trying to trick you to do what they want.

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