Former President Jacob Zuma Petition Court To Reconsider His 15-Month Sentence

Former South African President Jacob Zuma


With only two days until the due date for former South African President Jacob Zuma to hand himself up to the police, he has requested the country’s highest court to reconsider his 15-month sentence.

The Constitutional Court found him guilty of contempt on Tuesday after he disobeyed the court’s order that he attend a corruption investigation while he was president.

In court papers filed on Friday, Former President Jacob Zuma has asked for the order to be “reconsidered and rescinded”, the AFP news agency reports.

He had been advised that “it will not be futile to make one last attempt to invite the Constitutional Court to relook its decision and to merely reassess whether it has acted within the constitution or, erroneously, beyond the powers vested in the court by the constitution”.

He has also appealed to the high court to get the Constitutional Court’s decision to be delayed while it considers his request for a review.

BBC correspondent Andrew Harding called Tuesday’s ruling a scathing and hugely significant judgment against the former president.

The Constitutional Court did not simply find him in contempt, but spelled out the many ways in which Mr. Zuma had lied, sought to mislead the public, and ultimately tried to “destroy the rule of law”.

Mr. Zuma’s advisors have said that he will always abide by the law.

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