From Insults to Insights: Ola Michael’s Masterful Responds to Shatta Wale’s Taunts

Renowned Media Personality, Ola Michael
Renowned Media Personality, Ola Michael


Renowned Media Personality, Ola Michael, has gracefully addressed the recent clash with Shatta Wale, showcasing his unshakable demeanour in the face of controversy. The exchange between the two figures emanated from Ola Michael’s candid remarks about artists’ behaviour on social media, which sparked Shatta Wale’s fiery diss track titled ‘Diss-side’. In a serene and composed manner, Ola Michael has shared his thoughts on the matter, reflecting on the incident with poise and insight.

In the wake of Shatta Wale’s provocative diss track, Ola Michael has responded with a level of composure that underscores his maturity. Addressing the insults hurled at him and his wife, Ola Michael conveyed a sense of detachment, revealing that Shatta’s choice of words did not affect his equilibrium. He acknowledged that Shatta’s knowledge of him appeared limited, suggesting that the artist’s retaliatory lyrics may have been born out of a lack of substantial information.

Ola Michael also shed light on the broader context of Shatta Wale’s behaviour. He noted that this was not the first instance of Shatta directing insults at individuals within the entertainment industry. The media personality highlighted that such exchanges are not uncommon and that other prominent figures, including the CEO of Charterhouse, have also found themselves subjected to similar verbal attacks.

Amid the tension, Ola Michael shared a lighthearted anecdote involving his wife’s reaction to the diss track. He recounted how his wife humorously questioned him about Shatta’s choice of language, highlighting her good-natured response to the situation. Ola Michael’s wife playfully inquired why Shatta had directed insults towards her, displaying a sense of amusement rather than offense.

Ola Michael’s response to the situation was not devoid of empathy. In a gracious gesture, he extended a morning greeting to Shatta Wale, addressing him affectionately and expressing his enduring fondness. Ola Michael acknowledged Shatta Wale’s positive attributes while gently alluding to occasional shifts in attitude. He hinted at the possibility of accepting an invitation to Shatta’s house, suggesting a willingness to foster reconciliation.

In a landscape often characterized by confrontations and sensationalism, Ola Michael’s composed reaction stands as a testament to his maturity and understanding. By maintaining his calm demeanour and offering a perspective that transcends the immediate conflict, Ola Michael exemplifies the importance of measured discourse and thoughtful reflection, even in the midst of a public feud.

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