Ghanaian Rapper Quamina MP Drops ‘Warm Up’ EP

Quamina MP, EP
Quamina MP, EP


Distinguished for his versatile musical prowess, Quamina MP has recently introduced his latest creation, the ‘Warm Up’ EP.

As a bona fide luminary within the music realm, Quamina MP’s voyage has been illuminated by accolades, synergies, and exceptional milestones. From his roles as a multi-genre maestro and an innovative producer, he has consistently stretched the limits of inventiveness and originality.

The ‘Warm Up’ EP, a materialization of Quamina MP’s evolution, boasts a selection of six dynamic tracks, meticulously curated by a team of producers including Flamesonthebeat, Bucks DJ, Anelworldwide, Nawtyboi Tattóô, alongside Quamina MP himself. Infused with the lively pulse of the Amapiano trend, the EP interlaces the artist’s distinctive harmonies with a modern and fresh perspective, poised to kindle fervour on dance floors.

The EP embarks the audience on an auditory odyssey. From the cadences of tracks like ‘Choco’ and ‘Enjoyment Minister’, which have already secured their positions as two of the most scorching Amapiano tracks in Ghana, to the introspection of ‘My Life’ and the heartfelt resonance of ‘Pray for Me’, Quamina MP’s musical narrative envelops a spectrum of sentiments and encounters, catering to diverse listeners.

Quamina MP enthusiastically imparts his enthusiasm for the project, articulating, “I took a hiatus from the exuberant tunes to unveil an alternative facet of my artistry through these ballads. And now, we’re back to set the stage alight with rhythmic melodies that echo my quintessential style. Crafting this EP has been an endeavour of passion, and I’m impatient to share it with my ardent supporters.”

Explore the rhythmic journey and witness Quamina MP’s metamorphosis in the ‘Warm Up’ EP, a harmonious testament to his multifaceted artistry.


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