Good News On Corona (COVID-19) Virus The Media Is Refusing To Share


It is obvious how much people are talking about the bad news of Corona Virus (COVID-19) yet it is very surprising that there is a lot of positive news that the media is refusing to share with the general public because of it doesn’t draw much attention.

China was the first country to record symptoms of the deadly disease, the new report we got suggests it has closed down its last coronavirus hospital and till now no new cases to support them.

As to the patients who were tested positive, that is about 80,000 was reported sick and 77,000 cases were in china alone, over 60,000 have recovered from the Virus (COVID-19) in China and been discharged.

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Italy has played its part in getting this Virus (COVID-19) under control, source report, because they dominate the oldest population in Europe the age range of persons that lost their lives is 81, however, reports that a 97-year-old man recovered from this Virus after 8 days in the hospital.

The virus (COVID-19) is already becoming managed, in China but to preach this doesn’t fit the media agenda, so expect more fear to come your way before the truth surfaces.

The media is full of false news and information so please be careful about what you read and just make sure you get your information from a genuine source.

Share this information and help update others on the news discoveries and to stop them from not panicking.

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