Good News To All Barcelona Fans Regarding The Summer Transfer

Sergi Roberto, Pique, Busquets & Alba

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Barcelona fans has been on the down side this entire season, however smiles and enjoy is back at Camp Nou regarding this Summer Transfer.

💥 Barcelona had contacted the representatives of heavyweights, like Sergi Roberto, Pique, Busquets & Alba. The message was clear: ‘We have a lot of respect for you, we love you for what you have done for this club, but we cannot pay you. The situation hurts us a lot but the wage bill is skyrocketing and there is no way of assuming it.”

🚨 THE CURRENT SITUATION: The club is very clear that they are not going to spare anyone and each case will be studied individually. They are not all in the same bag and each of the situations will be approached with great delicacy. If they accept the salary reduction, the other solution is to change clubs.

💥 Next week, once the league is over, each player will meet face to face with the club, starting with the veterans & the one’s with complicated contracts. There are players who’ll be informed that keeping them is unsustainable.

▶️ Barça’s position is one of absolute respect for its players but one of realism. The current situation is unfeasible and these measures are taken or it is impossible to face the present and much less the future.

❗The case of Antoine Griezmann is that of a player with a market who would enter into an operation only if it is advantageous for the club and for the player himself.

▶️ Jordi Alba has a large market in Europe and if the left-back does not end up accepting a wage reduction, he could be sold for a good profit for the club.


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