Guides To Setting Your New Year Resolution


We do set goals every year as a new year’s resolution such as cutting down on diet, starting a new business, saving or starting an investment, etc. but in the course of our journey, we either stumble on them or we fail to achieve any. 

News Desk Ghana has outlined some great tips to help you achieve your new year’s resolution goals. Let cut the chase and get down to planning.

1. Write down your goals.

When you conceive it, write it down? Plans that aren’t written down are bound to fail quickly. Write and Keep your new year goals in places that you can constantly be reminded of. Tape your goals on sticky papers on your fridge, bathroom mirror, and your smartphone calendar with a popup notification.

2. Create goals for other parts of your life.

Fixating your attention on gaining financial success isn’t bad at all but why don’t you set goals for different areas of your life such as relationship goals, work goals, health, and fitness goals, and spiritual goals.

3. Set goals that are realistic and attainable.

Our visions, dreams and aspirations might be huge, but set goals that are easier to achieve. You may plan to start saving 500 Ghana cedis monthly but you may start with something as low as 100 Ghana Cedis. So instead of setting huge goals that involve lots of steps, work on framing resolutions as smaller goals that can be accomplished.

4. Set goals that are measurable

In order to stick to your new year’s resolutions, you need to be able to see consistently that you are on track and this can be achieved by setting measurable goals.

5. Set your goals with a partner.

Team up with a friend or a partner to accomplish a goal together. Sometimes working alone on some goals might be difficult to attain, like starting a gym. You need someone to keep tabs on you. 

6. Reward yourself

Reward yourself after accomplishing your goals. Stay true to yourself.


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