Hitmaker Winner Freda Rhymz Says Beef Is Good For Everyone


About a month ago, three females in the music industry Freda Rhymz, Eno Barony, and Sista Afia kept Ghanaians on their toes with their beef, which went back and forth for quite a while.

Beef is however normal in the rap world as it is just a game to keep fans on their toes or so we thought until Sista Afia and Freda Rhymes almost went physical with it.

Freda Rhymes was hosted on TJDJ’s fame in 5 which is powered by YFM’s Party pressure last Saturday to drop some bars as is the goal of the segment for artistes to perform live for 5 minutes on IG live with the host TJDJ.

However, before the performance, TJDJ engaged Freda in an interview session, during which he asked her if beef is good for women since Sista Afia almost went physical with her.

Freda said, “Beef is good for everybody, Yes it’s a game and I knew from the beginning that it was a game until I got attacked”.

According to her, she was very surprised when Sista Afia attacked her and that made her realize that some people had attached emotions to it.

Sister Afia, in a recent interview together with Freda Rhymz at an Accra-based TV station, apologized to Freda as well as her fans, for the gruesome act.

Freda Rhymz, on the other hand, refused to apologize, as she still stands that she was the victim of the near beating.

Source: ghanaweb.com

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