How Sandra Ababio, At 22, Found Herself Pregnant By A 50-Year-Old While Dating Another Man

Kumawood actress Sandra Ababio


In a surprising twist of fate, actress Sandra Ababio recently shared her remarkable journey on The Delay Show, which aired on Sunday, September 3, 2023. She recounted an unusual chapter of her life, one filled with unexpected turns and life-altering decisions. At the heart of it all was the remarkable story of how she found herself pregnant by a 50-year-old man while already in a relationship with a 20-year-old.

Sandra’s tale began with her introduction to a young man named Kay, facilitated by her brother. Fresh out of high school and attending the Centre for Languages and Professional Studies, she was an unassuming young woman who had yet to experience the complexities of adulthood. “I was still a virgin at the time and hadn’t even seen the nakedness of a man before,” Sandra confessed in Twi.

However, her life took an unforeseen turn when she became romantically involved with Kay. It was Kay who would become the one to break her virginity, and from that point forward, Sandra found herself embracing a new outlook on life, indulging in newfound freedoms and pleasures.

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As Sandra continued to navigate her evolving life, she encountered another man within her community, a man who would play a pivotal role in her narrative. “He showed interest in me, and I agreed to be with him,” Sandra recounted. “Despite my ongoing relationship with Kay, I was unfaithful and carried on with this other man, even as Kay expressed his anger over the phone.”

This second man, a mature individual who had returned to Ghana after sixteen years in London, was nearly 50 years old. He professed his interest in Sandra through intermediaries, and their interactions eventually led to an unexpected consequence – Sandra’s pregnancy.

Sandra disclosed that she had initially believed the man to be single, as he had assured her he was not married and had only two children. However, this was not the reality. “It was only after I became pregnant that he revealed he couldn’t marry me because he was not divorced,” Sandra explained. “After impregnating me, he performed the traditional knocking ceremony, and I ended up residing with him at his residence in Regimanuel Estate. We shared a home for approximately six years.”

Today, Sandra’s daughter is fifteen years old, a testament to the unconventional circumstances of her birth. Although Sandra and the father of her child are no longer together, she acknowledges that he has consistently supported and cared for their daughter.

In this extraordinary tale, Sandra Ababio’s life journey reflects the unpredictability of love and the unexpected twists that life can bring.

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