How to become a professional blogger (Part 1)

Become professional blogger
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Welcome to this course, and today I’ll show you how to become a professional blogger from the ground up. First of all, becoming a blogger is quite easy but to become a professional blogger you need to skill up.

Choosing A Category Part 1

Becoming an active blogging or before you even have the idea of creating a blog website; you should know what category of content you want to write or talk about.

They are so many article categories to choose from. Some of these blog categories consist of:

  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Fitness

And so many more all you have to do is Google and you will find new creative blog categories to write about. Similarly, our website will show you how blog categories are selected with the right articles under them.

Secondly, start off by writing a sample of articles on your own or it can just be a headline to photo and videos you come across online.

Knowing what category you are good at will help you improve in other categories as you progress. Becoming a blogger takes more time through researching and learning new things to enhance yourself.

Watch the video as I explain further how to choose the best category that suits your blogging website.

Become a professional blogger


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