How To Find Out If Your Woman Is Cheating

How to find out if your woman is cheating

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Producer, Actor, and commercial model, Nana Kwame Asare Shasha has revealed some ways to point out a woman who is cheating.

According to him, it is quite easy to spot a cheating woman because they tend to show some different behavior, unlike what you previously knew about them.

He told Nana Yaw Odame on e.TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show, “If she starts showing some attitudes she wasn’t showing when the relationship first started, then there is a high possibility she is cheating.”

Citing some examples he said, “If she starts to put her phone on silent mode when she wasn’t doing that previously, it is likely she is cheating on you.”

He furthered that if she is constantly making excuses whenever you call or ask to see her although she was not doing that in the beginning, it is also possible she is cheating.

He, however, added that it may not always be the case. “Sometimes the evidence is very clear. If for example, she’s not a businesswoman who does not receive calls always, and all of a sudden, she starts to put her phone on silent, and excuses herself to take calls whenever you’re around, it should be cause for alarm.”

Moving on he added, “If she starts ignoring you and giving excuses, you call and she says she’s busy and promises to call you back but she never does, it could also mean that she’s being engaged by someone else, hence the many excuses.”

Nana Kwame mentioned that although this might not always be the case, men should be careful when they see the above signs in their women as it might just mean that they are cheating.


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