How To Get A Guy’s Attention


Getting a guy can be scary and intimidating. How do you know what to say? What do you wear and how should you act? Is there a magic formula out there to help you get any guy you want? Not necessarily. But there are plenty of tips that can help you to get a guy’s attention.

How do you get a guy to notice you? Below are a series of tips on how to help make that happen. The first one is confidence and that will be the key to everything. Without confidence, you will have a hard time doing anything to get his attention.



If you want to get a guy’s attention, then confidence is key. Whether you are a social butterfly or a fly on the wall, you need to be able to feel comfortable in your own skin. Having confidence in yourself can help make a guy take notice in you.

What is something that makes you feel confident? From an outfit that you love to a perfume that makes you feel special, there are many things that can help you feel confident about yourself.

It is also not all about looks. Inner confidence matters even more. If you love yourself, then good things will come. If you can believe in yourself, then your confidence will increase as a result.

You might have something that you are good at or that you know a lot about. Being good at something can give you a lot of confidence. That confidence will shine through for others to see.

When it comes to getting a guy’s attention, being insecure will not do you any favors. And if you do not like or feel confident about yourself, then how can you expect someone else to like you?

To work on your confidence, you can also look in the mirror and think about the qualities you have that you love. They can be physical qualities or they can be things about your personality or things that you are good at. This is especially good to try if you want to improve your self-esteem.

Another way to show your confidence is by approaching the guy you like instead of waiting for him to come to you. In short, if you believe in yourself, then you will have the confidence to feel beautiful and to put yourself out there.


If you have a positive outlook on life, then good things will come to you because you are open to them. This also applies to catching a guy’s eye. If he sees you with bright eyes and a smile on your face, then he will be intrigued and energized by your positive energy.

Remember that optimism and positive energy can be contagious in the best way. And if the guy you like notices that you have that type of attitude, then he might want to get to know you a little bit more.

Negativity, on the other hand, can be a bad thing not only for you but the people around you as well. Look out for negative behaviors including gossiping too much and making mean remarks to people. If you have a short temper, then the guy you like might see that as a negative as well.

Not only is positivity attractive to others, it is also good for you. So keep a fresh outlook on things and do your best to maintain a positive demeanor.


When it comes to meeting anyone, first impressions speak volumes. This especially applies to a guy that you might be interested in. Nervousness can sometimes make you quiet and shy and that might make you seem indifferent to the guy that you like.

If you want to make a good impression on this guy, then do not shrink away or be afraid that you might make a fool out of yourself. Be nice and polite and if you do embarrass yourself, then brush it off and don’t give up right away.

When you are face to face with him, avoid being timid and meek. And do not be overly assertive either. Be polite and cool and casual at the same time. Remember that you want to be approachable.

If this guy thinks, “wow I want to see her and talk to her again,” then you have done a good job.


Being unique is an important part of making a good impression on the guy you like. This does not mean that you should try to stand out for the sake of standing out. Doing so will make you seem like as if you are not a genuine person. Instead, find what makes you special and different from everyone else.

The more you show off your individuality, the more you will stand out to the crowd, including the guy you like. If you show what makes you different from the rest, then how can this guy not notice you?

So think about what makes you different. Is it your brain? Your sense of style? Or something else that you have a passion for? Maybe you have a huge heart or a great sense of humor that always has people cracking up.

Whatever it is that makes you special, figure out what it is and do not be afraid to wear it proudly on your sleeve. This uniqueness of yours will help the guy you like to pay attention to you and he will remember you for what sets you apart, not for what makes you like everyone else out there.


While you might really want to get a guy to pay attention to you, do not show it too much. Desperation is not attractive and if you show way too much interest, then that can easily become a turn off for him.

Remember to give him space to breath. He should not be feeling suffocated and bombarded by your presence.

You might be so nervous around this guy that you could end up acting desperate without even realizing it. Here are some examples of acting desperate around a guy.

If you are always looking for compliments, then that is one sign that you are acting desperate. While you should show an interest in this guy, do not appear to be too eager either. You want to show that you value yourself.

Avoid bombarding him with texts as that could prove to be overwhelming to him. If you smother this guy from the very beginning, then you might come off as way too desperate and controlling.

Do not try to act too intimate right away. Flirting with him and lightly touching him is one thing, but to do it constantly will show that you could be insecure and possessive.

These are just a few examples of acting desperate. If you have friends around you, they will often be able to let you know if your behavior is getting desperate since they will be looking out for your best interests.


These days, social media can play a very important role when you want to get to know someone. And it is also effective if you want someone to get to know you. From blog posts to pictures, this guy will know more about your life and what your interests are. Get his attention with your social media accounts.

There are too things online that can repeal a guy instead of attracting him. If you are too vain and are full of drama, then you might not get the positive attention from him you are looking for.

Constantly putting up selfies and being overly obsessed with your looks might indicate that you are vain and self-centered. And constantly going into rants online and publicly arguing with others will tell him that drama follows you wherever you go. So if you want his attention, avoid drama as well.

Social media gives you the opportunity to share yourself with others. Let people know what shows you are watching and what is on your mind. This will help him pay more attention to you and you might even discover some interests you have in common with each other.

If the guy you like knows more about you, then he will have more opportunities to really talk to you about your life and your interests. A real sign you are getting close is when you private message each other since that is a lot more personal than talking on a public online setting.

The internet can have a way of allowing people to let their guard down more, so when interacting with this guy on social media you might feel less nervous about being witty, flirty, or silly. This can give you the confidence to interact more with him in person.


Feeling clumsy and needing help can be frustrating, but the one advantage is that you will often have someone around who is more than willing to help you out. How many romantic comedies have you seen where the guy comes to rescue the lady who needs an extra set of strong hands to help her out?

If you are struggling with your bags or other things and he rushes to help you, let him. And don’t forget to smile and thank him. Sometimes when a guy sees a damsel in distress, he will come to her aid.


A very immediate way to get a guy’s attention is by making sure you look unique. Whatever your style is, do not be afraid to embrace it. This will set you apart from everyone else who is out there.

Naturally, guys will immediately notice your physical attributes. This can include anything from your hair and your eyes to your smile. So do not forget to brush and fix your hair in the morning and to smile at him when he walks by.

There are even ways to catch a guy’s attention if you are not talking but are in the same room. You can try to glance at him for a brief moment and then give him a subtle smile. If you are with friends and end up laughing, glance his way to see if he is watching you.

Look at him out of the side of your eye to see if he might be looking your way at all, but be subtle about it. If you are the first to leave, walk past him and make eye contact as you walk towards the door.

When you do make eye contact, give him an inviting smile as you walk by. This will let him know that you are interested in him. The rest is up to him.


A great way to get a guy’s attention is to get him to have a conversation with you. Not everything is about looks and many guys will be interested in someone that they can talk to and not just someone pretty they can look at.

If you are pretty but have nothing to talk about, then the charm could wear off quickly. But if you can talk to people and make sure you do not make conversations one-sided, then you can get this guy’s attention.

If you do not know this guy all that well, then you might not know what to talk about. You can ask him questions about himself and find out what his interests are.

People are always eager to talk about themselves a little bit and this is a good way to find out what you might have in common with him.

For more general topics of conversation, try talking about current events, or you can pay him a compliment. Compliments can lead to some good conversations.

From his choice in music to the shirt that he is wearing, a little compliment can go a long way and it will let him know that you are paying attention to him.


If you can make a guy laugh, then you can certainly grab his attention. First, you will want to know what his sense of humor is. Some people are sarcastic and others prefer raunchy humor while others are very corny. If you do not know him too well, then avoid making jokes that could be too controversial.

When it comes to making a guy laugh, try to be silly and to be yourself. Avoid piling on the self-deprecating humor as that can be seen as too negative. Keep the mood light and do not try to pressure him to laugh at your jokes. Just see what works and what does not work. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there.

If you can laugh at yourself, then a guy will notice that you are not too uptight and that you do not take yourself too seriously. But on the other end of things, if everything is always a joke to you, then this guy might lose interest as well. So make him laugh, but make sure that you provide some substance as well.

There are many types of humor that you can use. What is your sense of humor? There is sarcasm, dark humor, naughty humor, and many other types of humor out there.

Remember that you will also get a guy’s attention if you can manage to laugh at and appreciate his jokes. At the same time, do not fake it. If you do not find a joke hilarious, you can always just give a small chuckle and smile and leave it at that.


Flirting can be tough because you might be afraid of looking like a fool and being rejected by the guy you like. But if you want a guy to notice you at all and if you want him to know that you are interested in him, then flirting is key to getting his attention.

If you want a guy to notice you, then by all means do not be afraid to be a little flirty when you are interacting with him. When you are around this guy, go ahead and try to strike a balance between subtlety and boldness at the same time.

Little things like making eye contact and smiling at him are very subtle ways to show your interest in him.

While it might seem silly, people do like attention from the right people and guys are no exception to this. If you give attention to this guy, toss your hair, and flash a smile at him, then he might feel very special about himself because of the attention you are giving to him.

Before you flirt with the guy you like, you have to get a sense of his personality first. Is he outgoing or shy? An outgoing guy will probably be more receptive to flirting. A shy guy might need you to bring him out of his shell, but if you come on too hard that could also turn him off.


Making physical contact is a form of flirting. At the same time, this is taking flirting to the next level. There are various ways to initiate physical contact with a guy if you want to get him to pay attention to you.

To start with, you might want to make small moves at first. This includes little things like brushing your hand against his or resting your hand on his shoulder. You can also be subtle by leaning in towards him and pointing your feet towards him as you are interacting. And most importantly of all, don’t forget to make eye contact and to smile at him.

If you are feeling even more comfortable with him, you can try to rest your head on his shoulder if you are sitting together while watching a movie or something similar.


One great way to get a guy’s attention is by finding out what common interests you have. Unless he wears band shirts and always has his nose buried in a book, you will not know what his interests are unless you ask him.

Try to make an effort to get to know this guy. Go ahead and ask him about what he likes to do, what music he likes, what he likes to watch on the television, and so on. These are all relatively easy topics to discuss. Harder ones might include divisive topic like politics or religion.

You can never predict how much or how little you and a guy will have in common. If you have something in common that you are both passionate about, then that is great. If you cannot find any common interests at first, do not give up so quickly.

Common interests not always have to be about favorite things. Dig a little deeper and you might find something else you have in common like shared values and views on the world.

Just remember to be patient and remain engaged if you are really interested in this guy. Let him know you are interested in connecting with him.


In order to get any guy’s attention, the most important thing you have to do is make an effort. It will not always happen overnight and most times, you cannot just sit there and hope that he will notice you one day.

If you want this guy to notice you, then you have to do something in order to catch his attention and that can mean anything from smiling at him to asking him about his day or laughing at a joke he just told. The other thing you will have to do is be patient and confident.

Keep in mind that these tips are not a guarantee that a particular guy will notice you and if it does not work with him, remember that there are plenty of other guys out there who will respond to you.

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