How To Make Your Man Stick To You

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One thing I always tell ladies who want to get their men to be committed is that, they Need to let him see the value in them.

Yes, you can use kayan Mata on him and he’ll take very good care of you, but also there are some other things you can also do that will make him happy beyond the kayan Mata that you’re using.

Smile and be happy – have your own life, smile and be happy within you. He should know that you have your own life outside of the relationship.

Be kind and considerate – Always appreciate everything he does for you, say thank you always, praise and appreciate every gifts or kind gesture, it will encourage him to do more

Give him physical touch – I won’t emphasize on this, because many of you are gurus already LOL 😂

Ask him about his day – Call him and ask about his day, work or business, it shoes you genuinely care about his progress

Accept him just as he is – You have to understand that nobody is perfect, even yourself. Accept him as he is. Make suggestions on how he can be better, politely.

Show your affection – Buy him gifts occasionally, don’t be the one receiving everytime, show him you care too

Make yourself look beautiful – A man always want to brag about his woman among his friends and colleagues, always make sure you look your best for him.

Even though there is no manual to making a guy stay, I believe the above will increase the chances of you getting more.

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