How Will Your Divorce Affect Your kids?


When parents make a decision to divorce, the ramification on their children is very often overlooked. The reality is that children could turn to have some sort of troubles, distress, and behavioral issues, both during the procedure and after the divorce occurs. It is up to the parents, however, to determine what the extent of these problems might be.

What does the law imply? Children are not only affected by the issues but relate directly to them, for example, primary residence, contact and maintenance, there are other disputes between parents and the antipathy between them may also affect their children. Sadly, some attorneys fuel this.

In some cases, they are absolute correlation between such attorneys’ methods and that of filling their own pockets. This still leaves the ugly truth that is longer the litigation process continues, the more the legal charges accordingly increase.

Getting aid for your kids is a wise thing to do, appoint a legal representative for the minors and children should be referred to a psychologist to make sure their own opinions and wishes are being heard and taken into consideration, without the influence or control of either parent.

Every child that is of such minor age, maturity, and stage of development to be able to participate in any matter concerning that child has the right to participate in an appropriate way and opinions expressed by the child must be given due account.

 Children may not know what they want It is necessary to bear in mind that children are easily swayed, manipulated and often become confused. It is not unusual for a child to elect to spend a weekend with one particular parent, to only then “choose” the other in a seemingly short or confused space of time.

This does not mean that the child can “choose”. The court, however, remains the upper guardian of minor children, and should a child’s wish not to be in his or her best interest; it shall make an alternative order.

Going through a divorce is very tough and it might change most of the valuable and important things in your life at the end of everything, for that reason one (both parents that are involved in the divorce) must be so prepared aware of the benefits and consequences before divorcing.

Research shows that about 80-percent of children of divorce adapt well and see no lasting negative effects on their grades, social adjustment, or mental health. … Children do well when they have good relationships with both parents or primary caregivers, adults who basically get along.

Children grow more distant from their parents after divorce. After the separation, the primary custody of the child usually goes to one parent – although shared parenting is becoming the norm for cooperative co-parents. So, while one gets to stay near him, the other has to live apart from the child.

School children: Between the ages of 6 to 12, children may not see the divorce as a reality and as permanent. It is common for a school-age child to have wishful thinking for his parents’ reconciliation. A school-age child may also feel that he or she is responsible for the divorce.

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