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I am 24 years old and I work with a growing Microfinance company. My father passed away shortly after my sister’s wedding. My mother was a housewife so times were very hard when my father died, he was our breadwinner.

I had completed Senior high school, at age 20. I tried getting employment, but couldn’t find any due to my educational level, and considering our circumstances there was no way I could afford tertiary education.

I asked my sister to help me find work. A few weeks later, she invited me to her house, she said she has been able to secure a job for me, the salary was very good, it’ll cater for the needs of our mom and myself, I was very happy.

The next day she took me to this microfinance company, and to my surprise, the manager there was my sister’s ex-boyfriend. Due to their past relationship, she told me she was able to secure a job for me, I was going to be a secretary to the manager.

I knew nothing about being a secretary, but I was a fast learner and I was able to learn very fast. But after my first salary, things changed.

My boss, the manager, started making sexual advances towards me, I ignored all he did but he didn’t give up. He tried all he could for 3 months, but I wouldn’t give in to his demands. After the fourth (4th) month, he threatened to fire me if I don’t stop ignoring him. I was afraid to lose my job, the salary was very good, and it supported my mother and me.

I thought his threats were all jokes until he suspended me for a week for no reason. During that week I went to see my sister, complained about my situation, and asked her to talk to him since she managed to get me the job.

I resumed work, thinking everything was alright until the manager dropped a bombshell one afternoon, he said I didn’t deserve the job, because there were qualified applicants with the right certificates and experience for the job. He said I only got the job because my sister paid a price.

He boasted that he slept with my sister to get the job for me. I was shocked, and I didn’t believe it, my sister is married and she wouldn’t do such a thing.

But later that evening my sister confirmed it, she said she only did it because she had no choice, she didn’t want mother and me to suffer, she told me to keep this secret from her husband and she hopes and prays God will forgive her.

It seems I had run out of options, in fear of losing my job, I reluctantly agreed to sleep with my boss. He had sex with me on many occasions for four years, resulting in 2 abortions; I almost died from the last abortion. I live with the guilt every day, my conscience mocking me.

I want to quit my job but I’m scared of starving from unemployment and if I quit it’ll be as if I didn’t appreciate my sister’s sacrifice and the price she paid for me to get this job. I’m confused; I don’t know what to do.

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