It Was All A Dream – A Short Novel Series Premier


It Was All A Dream – A Short Novel Series Premier

Director: Xclusive News Plus

Writer: Kwaku Nimako 

Stars: All characters were made up

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, and Suspense

Country: Ghana

Language: English translated to French, German and Spanish

Released Date: 08 July 2020

Runtime: Depends on the reader

Episodes: 3


IT WAS ALL A DREAM is a short novel part of real-life occurrence and part sci-fi which was added to enhance the storyline to make it more interesting for readers. This novel is about a young boy’s experience through high school and the challenges he encountered in and out of high school.

 The novel is spread out into 3 episodes that’s The Plots, Painful Departure, and Reality is the final episode.

 The Plot narrates the life of a high school boy who had a really vigorous high school life. This episode digs up his intimate and personal life as a kid. 

 Painful Departure reviews more about his stubborn school days, the character completing school, and a little about his life after high school.

 Reality throws light on the character realizing that certain things he taught were real isn’t even close to how he dreamed of, which is somehow confusing hence, the initial episodes were 10, this being the short version of the book we had to come up with the possible brief yet interesting ending to suit this series. Trust me it wasn’t susceptible but we finally decided on “Reality”.

The Series which drops on Wednesday 8th of  July 2020 will just headline the episode one “The Plot” and the additional episodes will follow-up every Wednesday respectively. For further updates visit Stay tuned. PMM

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