It Was All A Dream (Episode 1)

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EPISODE 1 The Plot

It was the final paper left to write; elective math and then SHS life will be over. The last six months preparing for my SSCE was a real nightmare for me, prepping overtime and waking up dawn to study furthermore, it wasn’t straightforward because I idolized a good night’s sleep.

I was so thrilled and delighted all these high school shenanigans will soon be over in no time I couldn’t wait to spend the twelve-month waiting for my results at my uncle’s place as he promised am living with him after I finally complete high school and for some time now that’s all I think of, although I had a robust high school life, I still was in a rush to graduate.

The taught t of girls shrieking my moniker when am performing at entertainment, I knew I will be missing a lot from my dancing clan members and finally my high school first love.

Hanna Baker a true goddess although she wasn’t perfect, I was seventeen and might not be evolved at that tender age but she was my only, and nothing in this world could quiver my attention off her.

I was a year ahead of her and the thought of leaving her scared my tiny fragile heart but I had no choice and we had planned on how to reach each other when I leave so at least that lent me hope.

2009 3rd year batch of British Secondary Technical School was loud and stubborn the principal and the whole faculty couldn’t wait for us to hurry out as we were ranked the worst batch ever in the history of the school.

Don’t get our staff wrong when they say “worst”, we were brilliant students with good grades the only problem was the childish act was too much for them (headmaster and teachers).

The truth was we were loud, and I can’t even commence speaking of the horrible and awful things our batch did. I remember some friends and I will be the first to attend school after vacation when school reopens just to have the freedom to do dumb kinds of stuff we yearned for.

God, we were wild; I remember we were almost caught drinking beer by a teacher, that scared the hell out of me although they were countless things, we’ve done but how we escape the pressure and the adrenaline that came with it was intense.

To be continued……

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