It Was All a Dream – EPISODE 2 Painful Departure

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Our School principal had previously issued a strong warning a week to our completion; no third-year student should step a foot on school grounds.

We were to vacate the school premises immediately after our last paper. I never blame him for taking such extreme action upon us, he was just fed-up with all the drama we’ve given him for the past three years, from throwing stones at him to stealing his night torch, it was pretty frustrating, and I guess every dean will do the same.

However, we were not just ordinary middle school kids, so after the last paper, most of the students decided to go back on campus, sleepover, and leave the next day.

Some of them still had belongings left on campus; others had unfinished businesses to take care of as proper goodbyes were needed to be said to those we were leaving behind.

I know most of you will be wondering if I agreed to go back too, of course, I did I had to see Hannah for the last time before I leave and my dad wasn’t apt to come for my things; I had no option other than to go back to campus and sleep until he comes for me the next day.

Third-year students were not allowed to write our final exams in the school; “past students who completed two years back were caught cheating by an exam invigilator hence, the penalty was no student would write their final year exams in the school for three-year; our badge was affected with this decision made by Ghana Education Service”.

Our class was the last to write outside our school; the exam center was just next to the town, which was our rival school.

Most of us didn’t even mind the stress we went through each day just to write our exams for weeks now because we got to meet new students and it was fun. Although my heart was for Hannah Baker I had an eye on this pretty girl I saw, she was a third-year student too I guess we quickly bonded when I approached her.

I spoke to her when I was writing my second paper, she was polite, had cute pink lips, and she smiled throughout our concise little conversation. After the exam’s I was so tired, elective math wasn’t my favorite subject most of us hated it. When I came out of the exam hall, she was already out chatting with some friends.

We quickly locked eyes as she smiled and started strolling in my direction. I could tell she was waiting for me, we spoke for a minute, and her friends called I noticed she didn’t want to leave. She wrote her contact on a book I was holding and asked me to call her.

It was merely a casual friendship between us, and although I have been thinking about her ever since we met I wasn’t sure what I felt, and I wasn’t ready to lose my girlfriend over some mixed feelings. I never had any guilt since it was nothing; therefore, l didn’t say anything about it to Hannah to make her feel agitated.

The school bus didn’t come for us, so we had to walk back to school all I was thinking about was seeing Hannah. I imagine her bright little innocent eyes my friends were happy we’d graduated school I pretend to feel the same, but deep down I was hurting. I had no idea how to say goodbye to her. We finally arrive back on school premises I quickly took my bath, and I sent for her it was prep hours and she couldn’t leave so I had to wait till prep closes.

I hanged around with some friends; we roamed on-campus writing our nicknames on the classroom walls. In no time the closing bell sounded, I quickly rushed to the class she was prepping. She came out quietly. I asked if she was okay knowing how worried she felt about me leaving, but she never uttered a word.

We walked into an empty classroom I had to cheer her up, so I said something funny and as she smiled and sadly gazed into my eyes I grabbed her hand pulled her closer, leaned forward to kiss her, and all I heard was.

To be continued.

Content Writer: Kwaku Nimako

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