It Was All a Dream – EPISODE 3 Reality

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The headmaster is coming!!!, I felt her tremble a little in my arms; I knew she wanted to say something as therapeutic as this may seem I knew she wanted us to flee.

We were so intimate and deeply emerged to the moment we couldn’t let go, but we couldn’t stay either because that vociferation meant trouble.

She whispered on her lips “I love you” I couldn’t believe my ears; I was speechless and I felt goosebumps all over my torso. I asked her what she said because deep down I wanted to hear her say it again; as I look straight into her eyes, she shyly smiled and said “nothing”.

She walked away clasping my hand and I slowly followed her, just a few steps before we descend the balcony to the junction where we depart, she firmly grips my hand like she never wants to let go; I told her never to worry that I will frequently come and visit her as much as I can once I get home, although I knew that wasn’t much of a solution to her worries, it cheered her up a little.

Finally, as reality kicked in, she slowly pulled her hand away from mine and sadly walked toward her hostel, this was the worse feeling ever; I had nothing up my sleeves that could relieve her of this sad moment.

She turns back stared at me for a few seconds, waved, and continued to walk towards her hostel. I had lots of things going through my mind as I walked to my dormitory; I knew things aren’t going to be the same the moment I step foot out of campus; imagining her being with someone else; someone in the same year as her and closer to her made me devastated.

I got to the dormitory with my awful mood and mixed feelings still in play, my mates were commemorating making loud noises, our housemaster ignored all that cause after all it was our late night of stay, we could have killed each other and he still wouldn’t have stepped out.

Later that evening, the third year’s had organized an after-school hangout, it was the last get-together and other nearby schools were invited.

 It wasn’t a great night for me so I couldn’t celebrate with them, looking at how I was feeling I decided not to attend and head straight to bed, try to forget all this emotional drama, and get home as quickly as I can the next day.

I still had her on my mind, reminiscing on her cute smile, pretty innocent face, soft and tender lips that made me felt so cold.

Few minutes passed and as I was dozing off, I felt a double-tap on my shoulder, it’s kind of felt like a dream but I felt it again this time strongly pressing on my chest and breathing down my neck; I opened my eyes in a panic only to see.

To be continued……

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