John Boadu Slams Alban Bagbin Following Recent ‘POWER’ Statement

New Patriotic Party general secretary John Boadu

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The New Patriotic Party general secretary John Boadu has expressed his disappointment in the Speaker of Parliament.

According to him, Alban Bagbin did not work for the position he’s currently serving. John Boadu made this comment as a result of the recent “Power over the president” comment.

John Boadu addressed what he see as an issue for him saying;

“The Speaker as we all know is only benefitting from what he didn’t work for and as a result, he has been passing comments that sometimes are strictly unnecessary.

“For instance, he passed a comment that he has the capacity to impeach or remove the president and the president cannot remove you (Alban Bagbin) is totally unnecessary because he forgets that as a Speaker, he doesn’t even have a vote.”

“So, on what basis is he saying that or he’s going to supervise a distorted proposal for impeachment or what? I think it’s time he recognises that he’s benefitting from something he didn’t work for,” he stated in an interview cited by pro-NPP Asaase Radio.

Aside from his comments about the President, Bagbin has been quoted as claiming to be Ghana’s second most powerful man due to his leadership of the legislature, the country’s second branch of government.

He cites a Supreme Court Justice’s interpretation that the Speaker is superior to the Vice President under current law.

“When you start from His Excellency the President, you have to go to the Vice before you come to the Speaker and then you go to the Chief Justice,” he said of the known hierarchy.

Then continued: “But we have three arms of government… my colleagues in the Supreme Court told me that actually, you are not number three, you are number two. All those who were present at that meeting were convinced when the Supreme Court judge made the submission and justified it.

“It is not me saying it. I have said I am number three but they said I am number two. The three arms of government – the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary – are equal arms of government, and must be treated as such



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