John Dumelo Extends Helping Hand To Tertiary Students Affected By Akosombo Dam Spillage


In the face of adversity, true heroes rise to the occasion. Such is the case with actor and politician John Dumelo, whose recent act of kindness has brought hope to the lives of those affected by the Akosombo Dam spillage. This heartwarming story is a testament to the power of human compassion.

In a time when the Akosombo Dam spillage displaced thousands of people and caused extensive property damage, John Dumelo stepped forward to make a significant difference. He extended his hand of generosity to University of Ghana students from Mepe, a town deeply impacted by the crisis.

John Dumelo took to his official Twitter handle to announce his noble contribution. His donation included essential items such as rice, oil, canned fish, milk, eggs, and more. However, he didn’t stop there. In a truly heartening gesture, he revealed that he had also covered the tuition fees for the academic year for these students. His tweet read, “On Friday, 27th October, I donated various food items to Legon students who hail from Mepe and have been affected by the dam spillage back home. The items included rice, oil, fruit juices, Milo, canned fish, t-roll, powdered milk, fresh eggs, etc. I also paid their tuition fees in addition. I want to thank the Legon SRC for their tremendous effort. Together we can all change lives. God bless us all. #idey4u.”

This marks John Dumelo’s second remarkable donation, following his earlier provision of relief items to affected residents in the Volta Region.

The need for such acts of kindness arose from the Akosombo Dam spillage, a catastrophe that displaced over 40,000 people and inflicted substantial property damage. The spillage was a result of rising water levels in the Akosombo and Kpong hydro dams, causing severe flooding in the Lower Volta Basin.

Communities across the Volta Region have borne the brunt of the consequences, with towns like Battor, Tefle, Mepe, Sogakope, Adidome, and Anlo experiencing significant impact. Residents have been forced to evacuate, leaving behind their homes and belongings.

Amidst the devastation, individuals and organizations have rallied together to provide relief and support. John Dumelo’s selfless act is just one example of the kindness and unity that prevails during challenging times. It is a reminder that, in the face of adversity, the human spirit can shine brightly.

As the Akosombo Dam crisis continues to affect lives, John Dumelo’s donation stands as a beacon of hope and compassion. It reminds us that even in the darkest of times, there are heroes among us, ready to make a difference and bring light to those in need. John Dumelo’s actions serve as an inspiration to us all, demonstrating the power of kindness and unity in the face of adversity.


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