Kwesi Arthur Clashes With Critics After Controversial Performance At Davido’s Concert

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Ghanaian rapper, Kwesi Arthur, faced a barrage of criticism following his appearance at Davido’s ‘Away’ concert in Atlanta, leading to a social media uproar.

Videos from the event quickly circulated, depicting Kwesi Arthur performing to a sizable audience that appeared disinterested. Critics argued that his performance lacked the energy to engage the crowd, citing issues such as poor showmanship, singing in low tones, and off-key performances.

The situation escalated when a prominent blogger known as ‘Big Paradise’ voiced harsh opinions on Twitter, igniting a trending discussion. The blogger’s critique labeled Kwesi Arthur as ‘depressed’ and accused him of disregarding his fans, triggering a fiery response from the rapper.

Expressing frustration, Kwesi Arthur vehemently defended his commitment to perform, stating he would have done so regardless of the crowd size. His response, “I go need y’all to shove your opinions up your a**,” further fueled the online debate.

The exchange intensified when Kwesi Arthur allegedly warned the blogger through private messages, prompting the blogger to involve law enforcement due to perceived threats. This action sparked reactions from fellow artists like Kofi Mole and Kelvyn Boy, who rallied to support Kwesi Arthur while condemning online bullying in the music industry.

Kofi Mole passionately expressed solidarity with Kwesi Arthur and criticized those making light of depression. Kelvyn Boy also chimed in, highlighting the prevalence of derogatory phrases used on Ghanaian Twitter.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by artists dealing with social media scrutiny and cyberbullying. It brings attention to the need for a more supportive and understanding environment within the music industry.

Kwesi Arthur’s confrontation with critics underscores the complexities and pressures artists navigate in the public eye, sparking conversations about respect, mental health, and the responsibilities of online discourse in the music community.

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