Ladies, do you have these symptoms? Then you might have PCOS

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Registered dietician and Chief Executive Officer of Hale and Hearty Nutrition Limited, Fredericka Serwaa Doku, has shared some tips on how to detect PCOS in ladies.

Interviewed on eTV Ghana’s African Women’s Voices show, she explained that Polycystic Ovarian Cyst, simply known as PCOS is a metabolic and endocrine disorder or basically a disorder of hormones and how the body runs, which has no specific cause and can result in a reproductive disorder.

Fredericka went ahead to educate on some symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Cyst.

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“When you have PCOS, you’ll realize that you’ll begin to have an unexplained weight gain. All of a sudden, you gain too much weight and you keep gaining no matter the amount of dieting you do. Apart from that, you’ll also be having irregular menstrual flow,” she told host, Eunice Tornyi.

Fredericka added that some ladies with PCOS also begin to grow excessive facial hairs like that of a man and this is because their male hormones have gone high. Other basic symptoms, according to her, include mood swings, acne, increased cravings especially for sugar foods, depression, and a fluctuation in sugar level.

The dietician noted that there are more severe symptoms like the growing of cysts around the ovaries, however, this cannot be seen with the eyes and cannot be detected without hospital tests, hence, she advised that once the basic symptoms start to appear, it is best to go for a proper hospital check-up so as to be sure of the condition at hand and get enlightened on ways to manage it.


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