Lady Goes Berserk After Spotting A Different Girl In Her Boyfriend’s Car

Lady Goes Berserk After Spotting A Different Girl In Her Boyfriend’s Car


A video of a lady pulling another lady from her boyfriend’s car went viral on social media.

The guy appears to have exited a mart at a gas station with a different girl sitting in the passenger’s front seat of his car when his girlfriend suddenly and aggressively bumped into them.

After snubbing her boyfriend, the girlfriend went straight for the other lady in the car, and the first thing she did was remove the lady’s wig and make it fly in the air, ordering her to step out of the car.

The guy attempted to stop her girlfriend from humiliating him in public, but it was too late because the girlfriend was unwilling to listen to what he was saying or to stop her from reaching out to the other lady in the car, as she continued to drag the lady from the vehicle.

When the boyfriend realized how “hot” and serious his girlfriend was, he had no choice but to instruct the other lady who had been waiting in the car the entire time to get out while he respectfully opened the door for her to exit.

A narrative voice from the background, who appears to be the same person who recorded the video, appears to be in support of the girlfriend hauling the other female from the car, as she tells her fellow women to stop rushing into the boyfriend automobiles of other ladies.

Watch the of a lady pulling a different girl from her Boyfriend’s Car video below;


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