Lady Kills Her Baby Daddy And Set Her House On Fire [VIDEO]

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A viral video showing a guy confronting a lady who is lost, confused and doesn’t look well has gained a number of views and comments.

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This lady apparently killed her baby daddy and set her house on fire. Looking at her hand, she’s holding something.

the video however looked scary as she behaved like she was holding something to hurt the guy confronting her. Sources also reveal this incident happened in Jamaica.

Watch the video below;


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In other news, a video of a cow and a man lying motionless in flood waters after being purportedly electrocuted by a high-tension cable has gone viral on social media.

The event allegedly occurred at Avenor, Greater Accra Region, when a high-tension wire fell into the water and electrocuted two people who were swimming.

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According to the narrator, the man had no knowledge the high-tension wire was still in the water when he chose that path because the entire road was muddy, and he was electrocuted as a result.

He bemoaned the fact that villagers had approached the Ghana Electricity Company to address the matter because the tragedy was caused by one of their wires, but that the company had yet to reply to their complaint.

Check out the video below:



Meanwhile, in other General News Accra has yet again seen parts of its areas experiencing floods although this has been a talked about problem for thousands of people living in there.

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Areas in Accra and Tema like  Lekma road, Teshie, Tema station junction, endoscopy department, wards and offices at Korle Bu, Community 25, behind Palace mall, Taifa, Ofankor Barrier amidst others.

However, prior to this inconvenience in the lives of the citizens of Ghanaians nothing concrete seems not to be done about it.

We also urge people living in flood areas to stay vigilant or flee to safe areas in these times.


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