Man Caught Wife Red-handed Chilling With Another Man On Valentine’s Day


A tape has been spotted on social media which captures a man that caught his wife in the act of having fun with another man on Valentine’s day.

In the video which is fast circulating, the man seems to have trailed his wife to the event where he saw his matrimonial wife chilling with her side guy, and out of anger resulted in a scene.

The man assaulted his wife’s lover as he lands him some jabs on his face.

Nonetheless, other guests present at the event and the security guard on duty tried to interfere to stop any further violence but all efforts proved ineffective as they both continue to rip each other apart.

The lady who filmed the whole incident was also heard behind her camera saying that the lady was married.

Well, although the man’s reaction was just, I still think there would have been an explanation to what he saw but just like every other man, he attacked instead.

Watch the video below:

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