Man Of God Arrested For Refusing To Wear A Nose Mask Reason Will Shock You – Akosombo


The Eastern region has confirmed several cases of coronavirus recently, most of these small towns and cities which make up this region has been on guard since we are in the era of a deadly virus.

Akosombo a small rich town in the Eastern region and one of the safest place to be during this pandemic due to high measures being put in place.

One of these measures was to make sure every single individual who enters the township is wearing a nose mask and thanks to VRA Hospital and the Akosombo police this measure have been imperative and compulsory so far as you are entering the town.

Until 9th May just last month as this routine check was ongoing near the Akosombo border before entering the township.

A man of God in one of the “trotro” cars which transporting passages in and out of the town weren’t wearing a nose mask when he got to the checkpoint, as a mandatory required by all individuals to follow he was asked the reason why he had no masks on he started exchanging words with the authorities and some of the health workers nearby.

His reasons were shocking as he said “does the president wear masks when he comes on TV to address the nation”?

This exchange of words escalated into a serious argument and authorities present at that time had no option than to arrest him.

Latest investigations and sources revealed this man of God had a nose mask in his pocket but just refused to wear.

For me not getting sued “Lolz” the name of the pastor will not be mentioned in this article but we reach out to the General Public to always abide by the rules of the authorities being imposed because these same measures are put in place to protect our own lives

Content Writer: Kwaku Nimako

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