Marquinhos Retains PSG Captaincy As Kylian Mbappe Lands Fourth Place Amid Real Madrid Transfer Speculations

Kylian Mbappe and Marquinhos
Kylian Mbappe and Marquinhos


In the midst of ongoing speculations surrounding his potential move to Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappe has reportedly secured the fourth spot in Paris Saint-Germain’s recent captaincy vote. The poll results have reinforced Marquinhos’ position as the team’s leader.

As revealed by RMC Sport, PSG’s squad members engaged in a confidential secondary poll to finalize their captaincy decision. Unanimously, they opted to entrust the armband to Marquinhos, the resilient Brazilian center-back who has been at the helm since Thiago Silva’s departure three years ago. Despite encountering a season marked by inconsistencies and the team’s summer roster overhaul, Marquinhos has managed to retain the esteemed role of captain, surpassing not only Mbappe but also two other contenders.

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Occupying the runner-up position in the captaincy vote is Danilo Pereira, who is followed closely by former captain Presnel Kimpembe. On the hierarchy, Kylian Mbappe finds himself in fourth place. Consequently, he takes on the role of a vice-captain, poised to don the captain’s armband should circumstances prevent the players ahead of him from gracing the field during any given match.

These developments come in the midst of lingering rumors linking Mbappe to a potential move to Real Madrid. As the saga unfolds, PSG’s captaincy vote results have added a new layer of intrigue to the already enthralling narrative. The retention of Marquinhos’ leadership role underscores his significance and influence within the team, while Mbappe’s positioning serves as a testament to the depth of talent present within the PSG ranks.

In summary, PSG’s recent captaincy vote, fortified by a confidential poll, reaffirms Marquinhos’ position as captain, with Kylian Mbappe landing in fourth place. This outcome positions Mbappe as a vice-captain, ready to embrace leadership responsibilities whenever the need arises. The dynamic interplay between these players adds to the anticipation and drama surrounding both PSG’s upcoming matches and the unfolding Real Madrid transfer saga.


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