Moans And Cuddles: Is Sex Before Marriage Good Or Bad? (Video)

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In this episode of Moans and Cuddles, we examine the problem of sex before marriage from a variety of perspectives.

Elsie Lamar, who filled in for regular host Paulina Dedaa Opoku, engaged guests Elorm Beenie and Cecilia Annoh-Barnieh as they discussed premarital sex in depth.

Aside from stating their personal beliefs, the panelists discussed the benefits and drawbacks of premarital sex.

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“What I have witnessed over the time is that the respect of the woman when sex before marriage is practised goes down. They don’t treasure the woman as they should. If you’d ask me I think ladies should wait before giving up the cookie. Once you lose that respect it’s very hard to regain it and the commitment level goes down,” Cecilia observed.

The primary takeaway on this topic, though, will be whether or not to encourage it.

We’ve got answers to this and many other questions on this week’s episode of Moans and Cuddles with Elsie Lamar.

Watch Moans and Cuddles video below:

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