“Mummy You’re An Ashawo” – Nigerian Man Goes Crazy In Ghana

Nigerian man goes crazy

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A Nigerian man was found acting in an unusual manner as he roamed the streets of Ghana and he was taken off the streets and handed over to Nigerians in Ghana.

In a video making the rounds online, the young man believed to be acting under the influence of drugs is seen handcuffed while sitting in the back of a red car.

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Good Samaritans, who are Nigerians, are heard suggesting taking him to a psychiatric hospital.

The young Nigerian man(s) international passport revealed that his name is Okolie Christian Daniel Nonso.

As the Nigerians tried to get information from him to help him, his answers were erratic and lacked coherence.

“Okay, send me to court, I want to go and bring my father back to life. They killed him without my permission,” Nonso is heard saying in the video.

The Nigerians who he was handed over to then said: “This is one of our brothers. They brought him here in the Palace this afternoon. The guy is going mad.

“Some great, wonderful Ghanaians met him on the street and they picked him up, and one of our police brothers rescued him and brought him here into the Palace so that he will be taken care of.”

But the boy said they were lying.

“Stop lying, stop lying, sir. They want to kill me, by 9 o’clock. USA,  help me, I’m a child of Israel,” the young man said.

The men with him said they were getting ready to take him to a psychiatric hospital.

They showed the bag of weed they found in his possession and the young man admitted he smokes weed and even cocaine.

“Anywhere you take me, if it’s grave, put enough igbo let me die with it,” the young man added.

The video was shared to Nigerian online platforms so that the young man can ge the necessary support.

Meanwhile, some have suggested that the man is pretending to avoid jail.

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