Nigerian Actress Moyo Lawal Opens Up About The Release Of An Old Private Video With Ex-Fiancé

Popular Nigerian actress, Moyo Lawal
Popular Nigerian actress, Moyo Lawal


Popular Nigerian actress, Moyo Lawal, has broken her silence following the circulation of an intimate video involving her and her former fiancé, which has gained significant attention on various social media platforms.

The voluptuous actress, who has become a central figure in discussions across traditional and digital media, has expressed her feelings of violation and vulnerability in light of this unfortunate incident.

The video, which has gone viral on Twitter and several other online platforms, has sparked both criticism and support from her fans and fellow actors. Some online users have even speculated that she may have intentionally leaked the video for publicity.

However, Moyo Lawal vehemently denies these allegations, asserting her shock and dismay at the video’s release.

In her statement on the matter, she clarified that the video in question was recorded privately with her ex-fiancé a significant amount of time ago. She emphasized that it was never intended for public consumption, and its unauthorized distribution represents a clear breach of her personal boundaries.

“A private video of mine from a while ago has been inappropriately shared without my consent, violating my privacy and trust. I want to emphasize that this video, which was recorded with my ex-fiancé, whom I was set to marry at that time, was never intended for public consumption, and its unauthorized distribution is a breach of my personal boundaries,” she explained.

Moyo Lawal went on to express her amusement at the situation, considering that she has always maintained a strict approach to her personal life, including her sexuality. She revealed that she had even practiced celibacy for several years, intentionally avoiding frequent dating and choosing solitude on numerous occasions.

“It truly strikes me as amusing because I have consistently upheld a stringent stance on my sexuality, even to the extent of remaining celibate for an extended period, abstaining from frequent dating, and opting for solitude most of the time,” she remarked.

Despite her amusement, she is taking the matter seriously and has threatened legal action against the individuals responsible for the initial leak.

“The unauthorized distribution of this video is an unequivocal violation of my personal boundaries. Nevertheless, I want to make it clear that this criminal breach of privacy will not go unaddressed, as it will be dealt with through legal means,” she emphasized.

In conclusion, Moyo Lawal, a respected Nigerian actress, has found herself at the centre of a privacy breach, as an old private video with her ex-fiancé was made public without her consent. While she maintains a strict approach to her personal life and sexuality, she vows to pursue legal action against those responsible for the video’s unauthorized distribution.

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