Photos And Videos Of The Real Nana Ama Circulates


Samuel Aboagye aka “Sammy Double” a KNUST student has grabbed the attention of thousands on social media for a while now.

This is as to a video of him crying uncontrollably over a hard break up with his girlfriend called “Nana Ama” which wants viral.

Mostly talks and what we gathered on social media show that Nana Ama left Sammy after she caught him cheating and he lied to her.

This has been trending for a while now, photos and chats concerning him (Samuel Aboagye aka “Sammy Double”) begging for a second chance has popped up and being circulating social media for days now.

A real genuine source has revealed that the real name of the “Nana Ama” the girl Samuel Aboagye aka “Sammy Double” is Nana Ama Benny. Nana Ama Benny is a Level 400 student at the school (KNUST).

Nana Ama Benny is reported to have called the relationship off after she caught Sammy cheating on her, this has resulted in massive reactions on the campus of KNUST with some close friends are even organizing a funeral for Samuel Aboagye aka “Sammy Double”.

As to the authenticity of this new Nana Ama hasn’t been actually confirmed by Sammy yet.

However, in the new video that was seen on social media which involved the real “Nana Ama Benny” in the midst of his friends begging him to take his guy back “Bro Sammy”.

Nana Ama Benny still refuses never going back to Sammy and she added that if people knew what Sammy has done, they wouldn’t even be begging her to take him back. We hope everything works out perfectly for this couple… 

Watch the new video and pictures of the Real “Nana Ama Benny”

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