Record Set: Parliament Rejects 2022 Budget

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Record Set in the fourth republic. The 2022 budget has been rejected by Parliament today. This means there won’t be any implementation of all the policies in the budget.

137 parliamentarians voted against while 0 voted for the budget. Although, the minority requested the finance minister to make provisions for the Keta sea defence project. The minority again requested for the E-levy to be taken off.

Today, a scene from Parliament was dramatic. The majority was absent from the chamber for about 4 hours. They had to come back because the minority called on Ghanaians to tell their MPs to come back and vote.

The finance minister appeared before Parliament right after the approval vote. He consulted the speaker to hold on to the approval of the vote for further consultation of leaders on both sides (majority and minority). The speaker rejected the option.

The speaker ordered ministers who are not MPs to leave causing the majority to all to walk out of the house.


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