Sad Event As Live CCTV Cam Captures A Motorist Crash Into A Moving Vehicle

Motorist Crash Into A Moving Vehicle
Motorist Crash Into A Moving Vehicle


Black Thursday as disturbing footage was sighted by exclusivenewsplus, a CCTV cam which was focused on a traffic light T-junction captured a sad accident involving a 4×4 vehicle and a motorcycle.

In the video, the black luxury 4×4 Vehicle was seen at a traffic stop near a taxi, the 4 wheel drive moved a few meters to join the main freeway right after what seems to be a green light indication on the traffic pointer.

Unidentified motorists who seem to be in a hurry using the freeway at that juncture came slamming into the side of the 4×4 vehicle at a top speed. Fortunately for him, an ambulance arrived quickly and with the help of eyewitnesses around he was rushed to the infirmary.

Exclusive News Plus is still searching for update about the current health of the motor rider and more information as to what happened.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think viewers discretion is advised.


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